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The core philosophy of the Los Angeles non 12 step alcohol rehab is to help individuals figure out the underlying reasons why they are abusing substances. While abstaining from alcohol is an important step in the recovery process, it is not the main focus. That is how the Malibu non 12 step alcohol rehab differs from more traditional 12 step treatment programs, where the main theme is the substance. Refraining from the consumption of alcohol is only a temporary fix. Addressing the underlying issues that drove someone to the habit of self-medicating in the first place is the key to realizing a lifetime free of addiction.

Individuals work each day with a staff member to get to the root of their particular problem. These private meetings are the nucleus of the entire program. As the point of internal contention becomes clear, it is then possible to formulate a plan for the future. Each individual receives a blueprint for success that is best suited to their specific situation.

To ensure that all of the bases are covered, individuals also take part in group sessions. In addition, there are many activities based around fitness and nutrition that promote a healthier style of living. Together, all of the educational elements and coping tools that individuals learn at the California non 12 step treatment center will enable them to maintain control of their lives once they leave the center. Everyone deserves to live a life filled with inner peace, power and freedom.